Search engine optimization in London (UK)

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Everyone talks about the importance of SEO copywriting. Of the need to know and apply SEO techniques to get search engines to position our project in the top positions of their results and receive as many visits as possible.

Learn how search engines work, what interests them, discover what kind of content they prefer and what criteria they use to display some websites first. We talked about a complete SEO and Web Positioning course in London, with useful writing tips on the internet and other techniques such as the use of tags, image optimization or link building.

What is that about SEO?
SEO, friendly URLs, tags, meta tags, link building, link baiting, anchor text, keyword, long tail, page rank … seems more complicated than it is. SEO courses and online marketing and London.

Learn to write for the Internet
Learn how to write for the Internet in an agile, direct course with a practical part that will allow you to apply all the knowledge acquired.
Writing in a blog or on a website should not be the same as writing in a traditional medium. There are special techniques for writing on the Internet and that serve to make search engines such as Google, position our website among the first search results. It is what is known as SEO.

Master Search Engine Optimization
Not only do we teach you the latest writing techniques that work in search engines, but we also explain how to structure your website, how to decide the domain, what type of images to use … a specific course, taught by professionals who use this knowledge every day.

Professionals who use daily the techniques
We show you what you will need in the management of your web project, the latest SEO techniques and, above all, the ones that we know really work. Do not be left behind.

Learn to position yourself.
Apart from the presentation of the study, we have great interest in attending the talks on brand protection through search engine marketing, Linking Strategies and of course Web Analytics.

We are also doing a special follow-up
We are also doing a special follow-up from the Search Engine Strategies from the Blog & Feed Search SEO, and Video & Podcast SEO talks, techniques widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom to position first search engine locations other formats information through optimization, but which are still very unknown among companies in our country.

The first two days of the congress there is an exhibitor room where the search engine marketing industry presents its solutions, many of them fantastic but that we cannot use in our market. The problem is that for these companies it is not profitable to index the English indexes of the main search engines since the numbers do not come out, due to the low demand on the part of the agencies and SEO service providers.

To give an example, it is the case of Wordtracker, specialized in the search and selection of keywords, or of AdGooroo that performs Competitive Intelligence, frankly interesting tool if you want to know the strategy of the competitors, who want to be in the first positions the same terms as us. More information about SEO Factor pozycjonowanie stron you will find on our website –

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